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Overview of the projects for IRC/ORF in Forest Biorefinery Program


Conversion of Forestry Biomass and Residues into Marketable Products

Research Projects:

ORF-1: Extraction of highly valuable chemicals in forest biomass and bio-oils using water, supercritical CO2 and other organic solvents (PI: Charpentier; Co-investigators: Yeung, Abou-Zaid, Berruti, Briens and Xu)  

ORF-2: Fast pyrolysis of forestry residues and lignin (PIs: Briens, Berruti; Co-Investigators: Yeung, Abou-Zaid and Albion)

ORF-3: Hydrothermal liquefaction/de-polymerization of forestry residues and lignin (PI: Xu; Co-investigator: Yeung, Abou-Zaid and Albion

ORF-4: Conversion of bio-oil-derived aqueous products and carbohydrates into hydrogen and platform chemicals (PI: Xu,; Co-investigators: Briens, Berruti, Charpentier)  

ORF-5: Conversions of the pyrolysis oil and hydrothermal biocrude into industrial bioproducts (green diesel/jet-fuels, bio-based PF adhesives/foam, PU foam and epoxy resin) (PI: Xu; Co-investigators: Schmidt , Anderson, Albion, Abou-Zaid )

ORF-6: Techno-economic analysis and business modeling studies on an integrated bio-oil platform forest biorefinery plant (PIs: Xu, Berruti, Briens, Schmidt and Albion; Co-investigators: Berruti, Briens, Anderson)


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